The Geay family

The Portrait of a man

Adrien's motto is: “Give love to the ocean and it will reward you”. He applies that principle every day to grow the best possible oysters. At 28, he is the heir of five generations of oyster producers. His father, Patrice Geay, gave his blessing to his son so that he could take over the business .
Adrien graduated in shellfish aquaculture and his father gradually let him take the lead after that. He taught him how to manage oyster parks, respect products and nature in general.
For Adrien, the production of oysters is not only his job but his passion. As a child, his parents would take him to the oyster huts and on the boat to check on the parks. He explains: “I learnt the business without realising it.”
His youth, enthusiasm and his love of oysters have been leading him to bring the family business to new projects. He is always looking for the best sites for new oyster parks to get the best oysters. Indeed, oyster production requires patience and perseverance to achieve excellence.

Adrien geay producteur éléveur huîtres Marennes Oléron
Adrien geay producteur éléveur huîtres Marennes Oléron